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Joshua King is a Canadian born, Australian-raised leader in the energy efficiency space who started his journey in the Australian industry a decade ago.


He founded Sun Factory in 2018, an innvoate energy efficiency company and scaled it nationally until then shifting focuses to the US market. He now focuses on building infrastructure, software, and education resources specifically made to usher in the new-age of energy effieciency.

Joe Moose, with two decades in sales and over eight years in the solar sector, consistently averaged over 200 installations yearly for 3 years, earning him "Salesman of the Year" in 2017. He co-founded SolarCon, the solar industry's leading conference, now in its 3rd year, marking him as a significant industry figure. He started the Solar Objections Facebook group, which has grown to over 25,000 members, promoting collaborative problem-solving among solar professionals. As a co-owner of Virtual Solar Club and Sunivo, Joe is at the forefront of innovating solar sales. Based in Sacramento, California, Joe is known for his professional impact and dedication to family and technology.

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